Dr. Garrett Goggans

Mindset Engineer

Dr. Garrett Goggans' life story is a living testament to the extraordinary power of our thoughts. Starting as a high school dropout, he has evolved into an international bestselling author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and life coach. His journey emphatically demonstrates that our beginnings don't dictate our potential—regardless of where you start, you possess the ability to conquer obstacles and rise to your best self.

Guided by Mentorship

Guided by Mentorship

A significant chapter of Dr. Goggans' journey was shaped by his mentor, the esteemed Bob Proctor. Through mentorship, he discovered his purpose: empowering individuals to attain remarkable success by fostering a mindset capable of overcoming barriers. Embracing the belief that a strong mindset fuels 95% of success, he's committed to guiding others through this transformative expedition.

Through his own experience, Dr. Goggans learned firsthand the pivotal role of having a coach and mentor. Bob Proctor's guidance significantly shaped his trajectory. This realization underscores the importance of seeking guidance and support from those who have walked the path before us. By embracing mentorship, he discovered the keys to unlocking potential and forging an unshakable mindset for success.

A Tale of Dreams and Resilience

Dr. Goggans' path was far from linear. At 16, he made the audacious decision to leave home and bid farewell to high school. This choice marked the commencement of a voyage interwoven with aspirations and heartfelt conversations with a close friend.

At 17, pivotal change arrived with the return of his father from abroad. Confronted with the pivotal crossroad—moving in with his father, finishing high school, and embarking on a college journey—Dr. Goggans embraced transformation. While the choice wasn't easy, it opened doors to a sequence of transformative moments. Cramming junior and senior years into one, he eventually earned a doctorate. This expedition was a rollercoaster of trials and self-doubt, yet amid the twists and turns lay countless victories, invaluable lessons, and boundless growth.

Harnessing the Power of Positivity

Reflecting on his journey, Dr. Goggans realized the profound impact of thoughts on shaping our reality. Life's teachings emphasized that a positive mindset propels us towards success, while negativity hampers progress. This revelation sparked the creation of coaching programs designed to illuminate the path where thoughts carve our destinies

Join the Journey to Triumph

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey with Dr. Goggans, where mindset becomes a catalyst for triumph. His narrative serves as a potent reminder: regardless of where you begin, you can transcend limitations, achieve magnificence, and meticulously engineer your own destiny.